The Whomping Willows är ett förhållandevis stort amerikanskt wizard rock-band.

För Harry Potter-fans har bandet en hel drös kända låtar.

Medlemmar Redigera

  • Matt Maggiacomo



The Whomping Willows (2006)

1. Whore For Dumbledore

2. I Killed My Owl

3. Crawl Through My Treehole

4. Your Flying Car

5. A Heart Worth Loving

6. When You Touched Me In That Special Place

7. I’m Made of Wands

8. I’ve Had Harry Potter Inside Me

9. Photosynthesis Rocks

10. Treebeard Rocks

11. Crawl Through My Treehole [Remix]

Welcome to the House of Awesome

1. House of Awesome Theme Song

2. Philadelphia Rocks

3. Wizard Rock Heart Throb

4. I Found A Loophole

5. My Favorite Band

6. Handclap Interlude

7. Cedric Had It Coming

8. Draco and Harry Secretly Want To Make Out

9. Open Letter to the Entire Wizarding Community

10. Song For Luna

11. Arbor Day

The Whomping Willows III (urval)

  • Hey Remus
  • I Belive In Nargels
  • Ginny Is A Punk Rocker
  • Bad Case of the Voldies

Externa länkar Redigera


Denna sida är bara påbörjad, och bör utökas!


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